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Thermometer which enable to measure the temperature without contacting

The idea behind using a non-contact infrared thermometer during polishing is for the use of particular tools in the final finishing process.

For final finishing processes such as buff, high temperatures are usually required during polishing. At this time, the diamond grains cut the stone surface; however, for the buff process, a phenomenon called plastic flow is sometimes observed during polishing. Strictly speaking, this phenomenon involves not "cutting" the surface, but melting the surface's scratches and making the surface fine.

Some tools make a significant contribution when used at high temperatures. For some finishing processes, fine diamond discs are applied instead of buffing discs, but this type of a tool requires a high temperature to work effectively. This is why in certain situations, we recommend the use of an infrared thermometer, especially the non-contact type, with which you can measure the exact temperature of both the work material and the tool surface without touching actual surface.

The hand-held infrared thermometer IT-540 is a non-contact, thermal-radiation-type thermometer that uses a point marker to clearly designate the measurement location.

In addition to being very portable, the infrared thermometer IT-540 is easy to use and is equipped with a range of advanced features that provide a high level of functionality.

It is ideal for remote temperature measurement in dangerous applications, such as monitoring abnormal heat generation in high-temperature voltage transformer equipment, and for quick, accurate, and hygienic monitoring of the storage temperature of foodstuffs.

The twin-beam marker provides clear target designation, and the operator is immediately notified of temperature abnormalities by the sounding of an alarm and flashing of the marker. This infrared thermometer contribute to your work by its high accuracy measuring.

Specification for Infrared thermometer

Measurement temp range -50 to 500°C(-58 to 932° F)
Target size φ40/500mm(/E Type) ,φ2.5/30mm(S Type)
Detector/Optical lens Thermopile /Silifcon
Spectral response 8 to 16μm
Response time Less than 1.5sec (95% response)
Operating temperature 0 to 50KC(E/SType)
Operating humidity 35 to 85% RH, no condensation
Dimensions 170(H) x 40(D) x 36(H)mm
Weight (Batteries included) Approx.140g