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Stone maintenance by polishing and sealing

Regardless of the type, stone floor is just a rough block before it is converted into a shining floor or any other interior and exterior item. The block carried from the quarry is cut into slabs and the surface is carefully polished step by step-from coarse to finished-by professionals. Usually this process is conducted using a polishing machine with radial arm or including CNC machines.

There is a long process to be followed from the quarry to the floor, but the near finishing process does not take long. Stone cleaning by polishing the surface is close to this. Regardless of the type of scratches scattered, as long as it is called "floor," it will be much easier as compared to polishing from crude stone blocks or slabs.

The fundamental of stone maintenance "floor polishing" usually includes wiping and sweeping using detergent, but this stone floor polishing is called "stone restoration." Verbally, restoring the old stone to a brand new one brings back the shine as used to be made in the stone factory by just polishing.
If this stone restoration process takes time and needs special skills or expensive equipment, we do not recommend it. By just simply applying your ordinary polisher and diamond pads that we offer, you do not even need to close the place like building and floor construction work. Plus everyday stone maintenance fee will be much more low compared to overall maintenance.

Changing stone floor entirely? No way!

The cost for changing the entire stone floor will be extremely high. The cost pertains to not only the new stone but also the removal fee for the old one.

In addition, during the floor work, the entire place will become a no trespassing zone. If the place is a shop or a hotel, for a certain period until the replacement of the floor slab is being done, the place will be shut. This surely will be the cost, opportunity loss for any type of business and inconvenient for users.

Of course, you can do floor polishing by yourself!

On the contrary, for stone restoration by floor polishing, you need only a day or few depending on the area you are going to clean. Further, there is no need to close up shops or hotels. All you need is some water, a polisher, and a diamond pad. A polisher can turn over from the one you usually use for waxing or other polishing work. Thus, you understand how to handle this type of floor polisher. The point is that you can do this all by yourself without any other pros that will directly connect to the extra cost.

All you need to do is to follow the step by step method of selecting a diamond pad, and pay attention to the condition of the stone floor. If there are a lot of deep scratches or lippage to be removed, you can start from coarse polishing. On the other hand, if the surface condition of the stone floor is not that bad, you can start from finish polishing. If you have not tried polishing stone floor, you will be surprised to know how easy it is. If you are familiar with waxing or any other floor polishing machine, there is no need to train the machines.

Stone maintenance cost is sometimes forgotton after the restoration itself, but this periodic activity will drastically change your maintenance cost.

Before polishing granite or marble floor

Make sure to check the surface of the stone floor

Careful observation of the stone floor surface will provide you accurate information about where to begin with.

Right types of tools for the right type of stone

Always remember to confirm the stone type. Granite and marble are the two stones but with different characteristics. Thus, the polishing tools and process will be totally different.

Selecting proper grit

We offer several types of grit that can be applied to any type of work place, granite floor, or marble floor for stone maintenance and restoration. Choosing a proper grit for each floor is extremely important before you begin the work. If you have no idea about it, feel free to contact us.

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