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The main concern when cutting a tile is the possibility of "chipping." Even if you proceed very carefully, if the tools are not good, your tile may break or form cracks on its edge, and join the pile of defective products. Ceramics are especially need to take heed for this cracking. Tiles are made of ceramics, which are hard but brittle.

The product for tile cutting is a thinner design. This is to reduce the possibility of chipping and to improve the performance of the tools. The thinner the blade, the higher the pressure exerted on the tile when working. However, thin steel blades are not very durable and are less accurate if not designed appropriately. Accuracy is especially important when cutting tile because most of the work materials are relatively small, leaving less room, for modification. Run out of blade will be critical when conducting a accurate cutting. We have resolved all these problems by applying a unique metal backing plate.

Cutting tools for tile and ceramics

We offer a wide range of products from hand grinders to large machines for tiles. Our extensive experience of supplying to tile professionals makes us well prepared to serve your needs.

Outer diameter
Backing metal thickness
Inside diameter
200 2.0 25.4 50
Outer diameter D(mm) 4"(100mm)
Inside diameter C(mm) 20
Thickness T(mm) 1.2
Hardness TC3
Applicable machine Disc grinder

Tile cutter | excellent for dry cutting granite and tile

Outer diameter D(mm) 100mm, 125mm
Inside diameter C(mm) 20, 22
Thickness T(mm) 2.2
Applicable materials Granite
Applicable machines Disc grinder