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Marble cleaning tools for small area. "Temigaki" series.

Best selling marble hand polishing tools for DIYer and building maintenance, house cleaning professionals.

No doubt that high gloss stone attract millions of people. But it is true that there is no stone that cannot be stained or weathered. Losing gloss is quite natural phenomenon for stones, especially if that stone is in under the condition of frequently use. For example, marble used where people frequently walk, or kitchen countertop or table that might be stained by various liquid and foods will deteriorate and lose gloss faster.

But stains or scratches, the main cause of losing gloss are sometimes can be seen in a very small area. In this kind of case, overall polishing work will be time consuming. You will only need to polish just the part of the marble but if the tools are too large, you will have to polish the neighboring area all over again. "Polishing" is the process that makes scratches to the surface. By changing the grit size, these scratches become smaller and smaller that finally the surface looks like mirror. So if you polish the neighboring area that is already shined, you will have to go through all the polishing process to the final again.

Therefore, tools that can be used for small area are indispensable for cleaning work. For this use, we have developed palm sized hand polishing tools especially for marbles. You don't need to carry machine or electricity, just take these tools in your pocket. Microlevel diamond powders which will be the hardest materials exist are contained in all grade. to achieve efficient polishing work.

How gloss improve by each polishing process

Before polishing, this marble, Italian botticino had only 3.2 gloss. Tiny scratches absorb the reflection of light.
After first process using "Temigaki 1000". No change can be found at visible range.
After second process using "Temigaki 2000". Surface roughness turned high enough to reflect lights.
After the final process using "Temigaki Tsuya". The clarity of the lights reflected is incredible.

Hand use marble polishing tools series | Temigaki #1000

This tool will be used as the first polishing process for common scratches and stains removal. If the adhesion of stains are not high or the scratch condition of the marble surface is comparatively fine, you can cut this process and start from Temigaki 2000.

Hand use marble polishing tools series | Temigaki #2000

The main function of this grade is to make the base of the gloss followed by final polishing. If the ground of the marble you are going to polish is ready for this grit 2000, you can clearly see the difference occured to the marble surface.

Hand use marble polishing tools series | Temigaki #Tsuya

In order to achieve finest surface for marble, this tsuya grade would be perfect tool. Containing microlevel diamond to make the high quality surfaces.

Features of our marble hand polishing tools

  • Compact size. Also easy to cut into preferable size.
  • Small but powerful tools containing high quality diamond powder.
  • Easy to use, no need training
  • Best suit to Marble
  • All you need is water when polishing
  • Developed and made in Japan, one of the top company for abrasive manufacturer for stones

Note: For granites, we recommend you to use the electric or air polisher despite the largeness of the area. Granite is hardest stone that exist and that's why machine polishing is required. For more details about granite polishing tools, please see this page.

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