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Portable chamfering machine

The purpose of this chamfering machine is to bevel and chamfer small areas more easily and faster, with higher accuracy.

There are many kinds of chamfering machines that are designed for factory use, such as those used for making large slabs. However, the principal issue is that most jobs are required to take place outside the large stone factories, such as stairway beveling or counter-top beveling, and portable machines are required rather than large installed chamfering machines.

Many professionals use handy polishing machines for these kinds of small area chamfering, but find it quite difficult to fix the angle of beveling. In addition, because you need to maintain the angle, you might need to hold the handy polisher in the same position during the whole process. This could be tiring. A few work materials would be ok, but if you are doing a large continuous amount of work, this will turn into a nightmare. You need to consider the accuracy of the angle as well.

This chamfering machine is designed to make a fine side edge without any difficulty. Once you place this machine on the granite, marble, or glass, you do not need to hold the heavy machine down at a certain angle. All you need to do is fix the angle at the beginning and move the machine from the left to the right. This is all.

Angle adjustments can be made using the knob that is attached; hence, once you have set the angle, you can proceed without having to maintain it. The machine will slide smoothly along without altering the angle.

For diamond polishing pads suit to this chamfering machine, see this page.

Regarding the attachment of tools, a special joint is affixed so that you can replace tools in the least amount of time. An outstanding feature of this chamfering machine is its smooth mobility. Owing to the auxiliary casters contained inside it, the machine slides easily on the work material. You can concentrate on the pressure during the chamfering; there is no need to exert extra force when you want to slide the machine. The grip on this machine is designed to hold it down without any difficulty, and you do not need to brace the machine upright; hence, even if you do use this machine for a long period, you wouldn't be exhausted.

Rating 110/115V or 200/230V
Spindle speed 4000 RPM
Weight 6.5kg
Cord 7 meter power cord