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Stone cleaning restoration services in India, Asia and Mideast

Removal or stains, dust, oils, pin holes, scratches and lippage by pros
...and Bring back the shine to your old stone!

Not only supplying stone cleaning products and stone care equipment, we also offer "stone cleaning and stone restoration service" conducted by our authorised contractor and cleaner across the India.

Experience the difference of stone maintenance and restoration done by our professionals!

Free demo is available so no need to risk your stone. You can check thoroughly before starting, during the work and after the work.

We have done actual stone cleaning and stone restoration in public hall, hotel, hospital, air port, individual houses, garage, factory, museum, university, laboratory, office buildings, government buildings, shop, department store, restaurant, bar, bath house and etc. Just about every places where stone exist.

Comparison between traditional methods and our methods

Traditional method Our method
Use of wax coating chemical polish and artificial method Use of only water and diamond pads
Uses cheap magnesite bricks as abrasive & Cannot do Granite Uses diamond pads as abrasive. Can do Granite, artificial stones, composite marble, natural marble etc
This method cannot fill in the holes. Dent and cracks remain in the stones even after polish This method also has a technological filling method. So no crack, dents and holes seen after work
A slippery floor due to wax Non slippery floor since natural polish is used
Less life of polish Better life due to natural polish
Messy job, slow production, low quality No messy job, faster production, high quality

Stains and muck example before the cleaning

stone restoration products

Introduction about our stone restoration authorized contractor Sdecor

Sdecor work as highly trained "team" which consist of various specialist for cleaning stones. They know how to restore all kinds of natural stones and artificial stones. We would like to introduce below message from Sdecor president, Mr. Vinod Ambwani.


Our strength not only lies in the quality of work that we provide but the NEW JAPANESE DIAMOND PAD TECHNOLOGY that's being used to provide a quality that a few years ago it was not even considered possible.

We at SDecor are true professionals and our professionalism reflected by the work we do and also by the fact that we make the whole experience of working with us a present and a smooth transaction. Getting the life back in your old stones in an understatement we make them look better than those stones have ever looked.

We have a very vibrant and an enthusiastic team so there is a proper mix of enthusiasm and a wealth of experience. Our client list itself is a proof of the commitment that we put in every project.

1) High Speed Production when compared to conventional method.

2) Highest possible gloss for the stone surface.

3) Cleaniness in handing over the job and taking care of the client's belongings.

4) Highly trained labour.

Recent work done by our authorised contractor "SDecor"

  • 1) Sagar Hospital Bangalore: Granite Restoration In Lobby
  • 2) U.B Towers U.B City Bangalore: Italian Marble restoration
  • 3) U.B City "The Collection": Entire Retail Area Bangalore: Italian Marble
  • 4) Bannari Amman Granites and Bannari Amman Sugars: Chairman's Chamber Granite Restoration Coimbatore
  • 5) Texmo Industries: Entire Factory for Chemical cleaning and Sealants Coimbatore
  • 6) Della Technica Mumbai: Marble restoration
  • 7) Nvidia Manyata Tech Park Bangalore: Engineering stone lippage removal and restoration
  • 8) Milestone Resorts Goa: Artificial Marble Restoration
  • 9) Paul Hotels Bangalore: Chemical Cleaning and Sealants
  • 10) Lots of individual homes