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Air polisher PA1/PA2 series

One of the best things about using an air polisher is that it is lightweight. You will probably have to use a polisher continuously for about a few hours or more, and no matter how strong your arm is, using a polisher for a long time will tire out your muscles and consequently lead to mistakes sometimes. Nowadays, more compact and lightweight electric polishers have been developed, but air polishers are still lighter in weight.

The important features of an air polisher are not only its lightweight. Some professionals point out that they do not like the vibrations produced by electric polishers. If you prefer lightweight polishers with less vibration, this air polisher is what you are looking for. If you need to polish surfaces for long periods, this tool will ease your work. The lighter the tool, the easier it will be to handle.

By using the right compressor, the spindle speed of an air polisher will be superior to that of an electric one, if you do not have any loading or polish resistance. For some professionals, this higher spindle speed is preferable, especially for granite and marble polishing.

However, a drawback of the air polisher is that you need to carry along the compressor. If you are using the air polisher in the same place as the compressor, such as a factory, there will be no need to transport the equipment; however, if you need to take the tool outside the factory, you will need a truck to carry the compressor. Portable compressors sometimes lack in air amount, so we highly recommend using a compressor with 85-96 PSI.

Suitable compressor 85-96 PSI / 5-7kg/cm2
Air consumption 16 CFM / 450 litter / min.
Spindle speed (No load) 3,400rpm (6kg/cm2)
Spindle speed (Loading) 2,000-2,500rpm
Weight 1.2kg
Spindle M16 or M14 joint
Air inlet 1/4" NPT
Suitable tool diameter 60-125mm

Features of our air polisher

  • Suitable high spindle speeds for stone polishing
  • The center water feed system keeps diamond too wear longer and reduces dust during polishing
  • The tail exhaust system keeps air exhaust away from your hands and the stone
  • The lightweight and durable rubber-coated body provides a comfortable work setting
  • The Silencer allows silent polishing work
  • Exhaust hose bundles water hose and air hose
  • High efficiency with low air consumption

Equipment included in this air polisher

  • Air lead hose (3m) with valve
  • Water lead hose (3m) with valve
  • Exhaust muffler (0.9m)
  • Side handle (reversible)
  • Hose adapter
  • Wrenches / Splash guard
  • Silencer

How to set up before using air polisher

Our air polisher can be used for both wet and dry applications. Before using this tool, connect the water hose and air hose along with the exhaust host cover.

Connect air hose and water hose

Below pictures are close up of air polisher's bottom part where you connect air hose and water hose.

Left side: air valve
Right side: water valve
There is a lever to control the flow on each side.
Water valve
Red code is the air hose.
Attach the hose.
Clench the bolt for air hose.
Attach the water hose.
Cover the air and water hose by exhaust hose.
Tighten the exhaust hose.

Setting the handle and splash guard

Handle can be attached to either left or right side.

Left sided
Right sided
Put on the splash guard.