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Use of glossmeter

There are various reasons behind losing the polish or the natural sheen of the stone. Whatever be the reason, in most of the cases besides surface wear, they are easily rectified. Gloss meter is the tool that helps in determining if there is any problem with the polishing or effectiveness of the solution.

Various Applications of Gloss Meter

Granite or marble floors have always been preferred by people for their shining features. Keeping these beautiful floors looking good always is definitely a challenging task as they can become easily stained and dull over time. To maintain the luster it is important to polish the stones and gloss meter is a device that helps to measure the gloss factor of different surfaces. Reflection on the stone is not only affected by the surface texture but also by the type of crystal and the mineral structure. The gloss meter directs a source of light on the surface at a specific angle and then measures the amount of light that is reflected back.

There are standards that regulate the gloss measurement and so gloss meter is very useful especially to determine the consistency of the polish and the quality of a restoration process of if any polished surface has been spoiled. The usage of gloss meter can go a long way in making or even damaging the look of your product or stone polishing service.

If your gloss measurement is not 100% accurate, your service may not be the best that your clients have expected. The gloss meter has all the current international quality control standards and it is simply easy to use and perfect for varied industries. It is portable, handy with 100% accuracy and reliability.

Potential Applications of Gloss Meter

  • Measuring the gloss for mansions and building finishes.
  • Measuring the gloss for stone floor maintenance.
  • Checking the gloss for specific stone surfaces.
  • Diagnosis of coated surfaces
  • Measuring the gloss of plastic molding for external appearance
  • Checking the surfaces of rubber, ceramics, leather, etc.

Gloss is basically a view of material appearance and the materials having a smooth surface appears to be glossy rather that those having rough surfaces. The factors that affect the gloss of the material are the refractive index of the material, the topography and the angle of incident light. Gloss meter enables us to measure the gloss of stone floor cleaning, polishing and restoration. This handy and easy to use tool provides a quick and accurate measurement of the polished surfaces and ensures the best quality of product to the customers.

There are different gloss meters available in the market that are manufactured by various companies to measure the gloss on varied surfaces. They help to get the perfect finish that is desired by the customers and helps to enhance the product reliability in various situations and is also used for the purpose of quality control for certain services. It is only at the press of the button that the gloss is displayed instantly and stores in the memory of the meter. Gloss meter is in fact an ideal apparatus that help to achieve the perfection for a product or service.