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Gloss meter is a very revolutionary technology that is used to measure the reflection of the light off a surface from a given angle. This very innovative tool measures the process the reflection from any surface and the way in which the light scatters and reflects from it.

Gloss Meter: Accurate measurement of light reflection

Gloss meters are the devices used to measure the reflection of the light off a surface. This is a helpful tool to measure the amount of the reflection from any surface and the way in which the light scatters and reflects from it.

Before moving further you must know that a gloss is the visual observations come across various objects and surfaces and made when light fall on a surface. Those materials or stuffs that are smooth and shiny in nature are very glossy and in contrary, rough objects have less or no glossy appearance at all.

A number of measurement units are also put in use to make a clear distinction between high glass and low glass measurements. In this gloss meter, units 20, 60 and 85 are the most common angels used in the measurement. In a very respective order, 60 degree angle is used for medium gloss surface and 85 degree angle is best for low gloss surfaces. In the same order 75 measurement degrees are meant for plastic film and 45 degrees for vinyl siding as well.

During the measurement process, a very innovative method is used to measure the reflection. The process measures the quantity of light from one defined angle and then measures the light refracts opposite of the source light at the same angle. The most common measurement angle 60 degrees.

Observation of angles depends upon the surface and the application in which the surface is used. If analyzing the technical aspects of gloss meter, it offers an amount of reflected light from a sample surface with a defined refractive index. Materials with higher refractive index have a gross value of above 100 gloss units. In case of the transparent materials the gloss could be augmented by multiple reflections. The measurement value of 3500 gloss units can also be obtained. For the metals that have high reflective nature, percent reflection unit is used rather

Due to the high reflectivity of metals, values as high as 3500 gloss units can be obtained. For these applications it is common to use percent reflection of incident light rather than gloss units. The gloss meters are used in laboratories and field measurement units as well. When it comes to laboratories are very prominently used for performing R&D, quality check and several analytical functions.

Nowadays, various other prominent industry setups like painting and coating, automobile, plastic, ceramic, paper and metal exploit major advantages of gloss meters on a very frequent basis. A number of advantages are associated with gloss meter. Whether you have to check gloss for building and masonry finishes or need to check surfaces of leather, rubber, ceramics and film, gloss meter helps a lot.