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Gloss can be described as a facet of visual perception in different objects and surfaces. It is basically the interaction of light with the physical characteristics of the surface that creates the gloss and gloss meter can measure how glossy or shiny the surface is so that there are no defects with the material or workmanship.

All about Gloss Meter and its Functions

Stones can be polished by various polishing instruments available in the market to get a high shine for beautiful flooring that needs no extra coating or waxing. With various manufacturers of polishing tools it has become easy for people to get a high gloss finished floors that is highly durable, attractive and at the same time economical. Once you have done with the polishing of the stones, it is time to evaluate the gloss so as to determine if the job is done perfectly or not. It is important to compare the different sections and bring evenness in the gloss.

It is really very difficult for the human eye to accurately find out how shiny the surface is, but with gloss meter in the market things have become very easy now. Gloss meters are devices that help in measuring the gloss factor of various surfaces. It actually measures the specular reflection and things like how much reflection the polished surface gives off and how much light is reflected or spread or scattered across different surfaces. Gloss is basically created by the interaction of the light with the physical characteristics of the polished surface and surfaces that are smooth and appear to be glossy while object with rough surface have little or no gloss. We have been supplying these digital gloss meter for more than 10 years. Our gloss meter has strength in not only accuracy but easy calibration and easy figure reading by digital liquid crystal display.

How does the gloss meter function?

The gloss meter registers the light intensity over a small range of the reflection angle and this intensity is basically dependent on the angle of illumination and the material. If the material is plastic or coated, the light reflected increases with the increase of the illumination angle. The remaining illuminated light is absorbed or scattered depending on the color. This is why these gloss meters are frequently used for paint surface products. Usually metals and stone have a higher reflection and the gloss meter gives the amount of light that is reflected from the sample by comparing to the light that is reflected from a black glass calibration standard having a defined refractive index. The result is free of the amount of incident light. The gross value of the standard is defined to be 100 gloss units.

Easy calibration

Gloss meter is the ideal tool that is used to measure the gloss of paint as well as stone or marble floors after polishing or restoration. Available in portable size, the gloss meter is a handy tool that enables quick and accurate measurements of the gloss on polished and flat surfaces. This enables the service provider to ensure quality and set up a standard for fabrication work and floor restoration. They are specifically designed to maintain the marble and stone surfaces and to improve the quality control inspection of different industrial applications. In just seconds it can read and display the value for the surface gloss. It is a compact tool with high performance and easy measurement and calibration.