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Stone cleaning method

Stone such as marble, granite, and travertine has become essential to our daily life. It has been used for interior and exterior use since ancient times all over the world. Thus, although stone is extremely common and familiar, with time, all stone floorings, granite, and marble products start to lose their crispness and shine because of the constant wearing off underfoot and everyday usage in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, stairways, and so on. Due to everyday use, some stone gets contaminated by rust and stains, which makes the stone floor look unattractive. All the beauty that once attracted us is lost and the prominent design that was once exclusive becomes just a part of the dirty floor. It can be said that if there is stone, there is a need for stone cleaning.

Two methods for cleaning stone

There are several ways to refurbish stone floorings, but basically, there are only two ways to clean the stone floor or other types of stone products: physically and chemically. Any type of cleaning method for stone can be classified in many ways. With respect to the physical approach, polishing will be categorized. Wiping and sweeping are usually done using detergent or wax, but polishing usually includes removal of scratches or lippage (difference of the floor height between the masonry joint) physically. With respect to the chemical approach, using detergents, coating agents, and other types of chemical agents can be sorted to this category. By wiping and sweeping using detergent or making a protective layer on the stone surface, chemical agents protect from or remove the dirt from the stone floor surface.

Stone cleaning products and solutions for pros

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Sealer and detergent will help maintain long-lasting beauty of the stone surface.

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Floor polisher enable to restore damaged floor with many scratches. By simply applying wet polishing, the shine comes back to all kinds of stone made floor.

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There are merits and demerits of each method. By creatively using these two ways for cleaning stone, you will achieve the best results effectively with ease and can encompass all types of job sites related to stone cleaning. Be a doctor of stone cleaning, which will become indispensable for your customers and expand your business. Our product and know-how is intended for professionals involved in stone cleaning, floor cleaning, stone care, and stone polishing industries, but it can be also used by people who like to do it themselves.

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