Our staffs have visited "Clean India Show" November 24-26, 2010

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STONE MART 2011 INDIA January 20-23, 2011 Jaipur(RAJASTHAN)

Our staff, Babu demonstrate how to clean and restore the granite floor. Live demo for floor polishing. For details about this polisher see this page.

We had a stall related to granite cleaning and stain removing products, such as detergent, cleaning liquid for stones, and polishing pads and polishing machines for floors with a courtesy of TRUWORTH HOUSE who is an expert on this subject. Fortunately, this had been a fruitful opportunity to meet many people involved in cleaning and maintenance industries and we are happy to say that we had wonderful opportunity to provide useful information about stone cleaning and restorations.

Babu explains about stone restoration systems, which had been developed in Japan.

Any kinds of stones, whether it is granite or marble, sandstone, limestone, manmade stones like terrazzo, engineering stones can be cleaned. We can say this because we have long supplied stone polishing tools to fabricators of stone industries worldwide. We are confident about our stone polishing technology. If you are having trouble polishing stones, let us know about it. Our experienced pros can give you a brief guide on how to polish, restore and clean the stone.

Our polishing method to restore the old stained and scratched stone made floor have obtained many good reputations. We supply the method and tools to cleaning professionals and also, we have authorized contractor for our methods so if you need to clean and restore by pros, feel free to contact us. If possible we will introduce you a nearest authorized stone restoration professional.

TRUWORTH and our Indian Office sales engineers at Stonemart 2011 Jaipur(RAJASTHAN)

STONE MART is one of the largest expo for stone industry which covers area of 16000 sqmts with more than 300 exhibitors. According to their web site, India produce 27% of the stone produced across the world. Many people do not think about cleaning and retoration for new floors but stones need to be cleaned sooner or later.