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Granite and marble polishing machines for stones, floor and glass

Talking about stone and floor, many more polishing machines have been developed and invented. Some become defacto standard and some used for special purpose. Our polishing machines are mainly for hand use, comparatively small that everyone can use with no difficulty. These become one of the universal standard in most of the industry.

Electric polisher | granite and marble polishing machine

When purchasing a brand new hand polisher, there are several issues you may want to consider. Will this tool have enough power to polish granite or drill a hole into concrete? Is the tool light enough to use for an extended period without tiring you out? How will be the durability...

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Air polisher | granite and marble polishing machine

One of the best things about using an air polisher is that it is lightweight. You will probably have to use a polisher continuously for about a few hours or more, and no matter how strong your arm is, using a polisher for a long time will...

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Chamfering machine | granite and marble polishing machine

The purpose of this chamfering machine is to bevel and chamfer small areas more easily and faster, with higher accuracy. There are many kinds of chamfering machines that are designed for factory use, such as those used for making large slabs...

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Floor polisher | granite and marble polishing machine

A floor polisher is a universal product in that it can be used in any part of the world. Therefore, we have ensured that the structure of our polisher is simple and the machine, very easy to use...

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