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Dia ceramica EX | Polishing pad for engineering stone

Best tools for artificial stone processing

These days, engineering stones such as terrazzo, silestone, caesarstone have become one of the standard for stone interior and exterior. In order to fulfill these needs, we have developed diamond polishing pads especially suit to these engineering stones. This products also encompass the application for ceramics, tiles and glasses. The composition and specs are different from standard dia ceramica series.

Engineering stones are so called manmade stone. The physical properties when polishing are slightly different from granite or marble. When polishing these work materials, our dia ceramica EX series will be one of your choice.

Outer diameter D(mm) 80, 100, 125(mm)
Grit 200, 500,1000, 2000, 3000
Applicable materials Engineering stone, Glass, Tile, Ceramics