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Granite buffing pads

Buffing pads specialize in achieving high gloss

When considering about buffing on stone, the methods, tools and mechanism of this buffing will be quite different from metal materials.

The purpose of buffing is to enhance the gloss of stone to determine the final value of the stone. To be exact, buffing pads do not grind down the surface like diamond polishing pads do. The phenomenon called plastic flow, which is close to melting have been observed during the buffing process on granite. So in order to make high gloss, you need to be careful not to use too much water because buffing need high temperature while polishing.

We specialize in manufacturing these various granite buffing pads, discs and tools. Feel free to consult us for the best choice of your buffing pads.

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Outer diameter
Inner diameter
Base plate material Form Type
100 25.4 Aluminum
with or without Groove S type
G type(for green color stone)
300, 350, 400 Bakelite