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TWINCUR | Polishing disc for granite

Best tools when making flat surface with aggresive cutting edge

You might have encountered the situation that flexible diamond polishing pads were too flexible to make fine flat surface by hand polisher. This original diamond polishing disc has been developed for making flat surface with ease.

One of the ideal tools for making bullnose finish or making flat surface because abrasive part is fixed and firm. Diamond wheel part keep the shape during your polishing so it's easy to keep your workpiece shape too. Along with flexible diamond polishing pads, this will be your powerful tools to broaden your work range. Including easy attachment for our electric polisher and air polisher.

Outer Diameter D(mm) 80, 120 (mm)
Grit 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, Tsuya(Black), Buff(Black and White)
Applicable materials Granite, Marble, Terrazzo