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We have tried cleaning a marble floor using the polishing pad and the system worked well. We are planning to use it on a granite floor. Is there any difference in the polishing method when polishing marble and granite?

The components and characteristics of marble and granite vary. Although the basic process will be the same, we recommend that you change the tools, polishing time, and pressure. Granite is much more hard than marble, and we highly recommend a polishing pad designed for granite.

Marble floor Granite floor
Recommended polishing pad: M series G series
Recommended time required for polishing floor: 2 minutes per square meter 3 minutes per square meter
For polishing granite floor, please put heavy weight on the head of the polisher. Granite is quite hard as compare to marble, and if you find any (comparatively) deep scratches that need to be removed, a high pressure is required to boost the grinding power.

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