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Is there any way to cut the cost of polishing a stone floor?

Yes, there are several ways.

1. Having enough handlers

To cut the floor polishing cost, one thing we recommend is that you keep the polisher(s) moving. For example, if you have 2 floor polishers and 2 handlers, you need one more handler to assist their activities. During the polishing, the wet process will be used, and hence if you have someone filling up the water in the polisher's (polishers') water tank, you won't need to stop the polisher(s). By implementing such small measures, the time required to finish the task will be shorter.

2. Using the proper floor polisher

There are several types of polishing machines that can be used for this process. However for the floor, we recommend that you mainly use the floor polisher. While a hand polisher and a chamfering machine for the stairs are available, but these are not meant for the floor. For a wide area like a floor, using a floor polisher is much more efficient. If you think your polisher is too small, we recommend that you consider using another.

3. Following the procedure

If you want to finish the work accurately and fast, we recommend that you follow the standard procedure for polishing. The grit must start from coarse and then proceed to fine. Some people ignore the critical grit (which depends on the surface condition) for the whole process. This will leave scratches, and you might have to redo the job. While too much labor will be time consuming and not optimal, the same can also be said when too little labor is used.

4. Using a fine polishing pad

We know that cheap polishing pads are widely used all over the world; however, you get what you pay for. The core of a polishing pad is the quality of its diamonds, the bond technology it uses, its sintering technique, its granulation, and its composition. Our product is meant to yield a fine-quality surface, and to help finish the work faster by boosting cutting efficiency. If you try our polishing pads, we guarantee that you and your customer will be amazed by the difference.

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