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How to choose a best sealer for granite and marble

Selecting the proper sealer for the stone

We have explained that there are two types of sealers: the coating type and penetrating type. The coating type of sealant is said to be designed for the so-called wet finish surfaces. This type of sealer will fill the stone floor with wet shininess and has color enhancement properties. The stone color will look more vivid and bright. This type of sealer also called "color enhancer". On the other hand, the penetrating type of sealant gives two kinds of finishes: wet and natural. The wet finishing is similar to that mentioned above, but the natural finishing will seal the stone floor and make it appear as if you did nothing to the stone surface, when in reality, sealing would have already been complete. If you prefer the natural stone appearance, this one will suit your purpose.

Coating type sealer
Wet finish
Penetrating type sealer
Wet finish
Natural finish

We do not recommend using a sealer after you have used a stain remover. After using any kind of stain or rust remover, you cannot wash out all the material because of the porous structure of stone surfaces. These removal solvents penetrate into the structure and remain there. Hence, if you are planning to use a sealer after using a stain remover, neutralization must be performed before the seal. Each stain remover has a pH of either acid or alkali; so, in order to neutralize this, use an opposite pH liquid on the floor. You can also find a neutralizing agent to do this. After this process is complete, sealing should be performed.

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