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We are a diamond tools manufacturer who knows much about "stone" process. We have been producing and supplying tools and machines such as diamond polishing pads, granite polishing pads, granite buffing pads, cutting saw blades, almost all equipment for cutting, polishing, drilling, and grinding process for over 60 years and have sold our products in over 80 countries and regions. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, we guarantee satisfaction with our tools and support. Experience the difference by using our stone polishing tools for granite and marble, granite cutting tools, marble cutting, drill tools, stone grinding and chisels.

Product's details Granite polishing pads | Marble polishing pads | Diamond polishing pads for engineering stone, terrazzo, silestone, caesarstone, technistone, bretonstone, dupontstone, artificial quartz stone | Granite polishing discs | Marble polishing discs | Granite cutting tools | Granite buffing pads | Grinding cup wheel for granite, marble, concrete |

granite polishing tools lineup
granite cutting tools lineup
marble polishing tools lineup
marble cutting tools lineup

Ged rid of water scales, rust and stains | Marble and granite stain removal

rust and stain remover for stone

Stone requires maintenance. Nowadays, cleaning of stone is an indispensable business. We support professionals who try to clean the rust, stains, and oil saturated on otherwise beautiful stone surfaces such as granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, travertine and terrazzo. Not only by floor polishing tools, we provide chemical solutions to get rid of the stains as well. Experience our stone cleaning products, sealer and helpful support.

Details about efflorescence remover | granite sealer | marble sealer | color enhancer

efflorescence on granite

Perfect stone cleaning and sealing solution | granite cleaning & marble cleaning and polishing | All about stone care and maintenance

The method, equipment, and detergent should be changed when cleaning and sealing different kinds of stone. We know how to restore a badly damaged stone floor. Since we provide methods and stone polishing tools to the stone restoration industry, we have expertise in introducing tools and solutions for restoring the natural shine of stone flooring. See our products lineup for stone care. Also, we offer stone care and maitenance done by our certiefied professionals.

Details about floor polisher | floor polishing pads | marble cleaning | granite cleaning

stone cleaning
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Hand polishing tools for marble, remove or clean small area like cup marks, stains

marble polishing for small area

Polishing is powerful method because it can remove the stains, taints and scratches physically from the stone surface. This method can totally restore the surface itself. But if you use floor polisher or electric hand polisher to small area like just the part of the countertop or floor, you will be polishing neighboring area that you do not want to polish. To solve this issue, we have developed palm sized polishing tools just for hand use.

granite cleaning example

Super tile cutting blade, boost your cutting power! | Tile cutting tools and disc

tile cutting tools

No more chipping and cracking of tiles by using our tile cutter. High cutting performance will "change" your work. Reduce the defects and increase your profit. Try it!

Details about tile cutter | tile cutting tools

tile cutter

Chisel for manual stone carving

Hardened carbide chips used in these chisels will surely make your work easier as well as ensure good performance. Enhance your work by carving various shapes and forms with precision. Try now!

chisel for stone
chisel and bush hammer

Achieve the finest mirror finish in the world | Stainless steel polishing tools

Get rid of all the scratches and achieve the best gloss ever. A full lineup of grit and grade for achieving the no.8 mirror finish for stainless steel polishing.

stainless polishing abrasives
stainless steel polishing

Air polisher for wet and dry polishing

air polisher

Best selling universal air polishing tools sold across the world. This tool will enhance your work speed with its light weight and high cutting edge.

air polishing machine with granite

Measure the difference by Gloss meter

gloss meter

High gloss can only be proved when measured by an authorized and reliable gloss meter. This will ensure the quality of gloss by just the push of a button. It is a simple but highly effective method. Gloss meter for paint, floor, stone surfaces and etc.

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World stone expo information 2011

Information about exhibition related to "stone" worldwide.

stone international expo
Budma 2011
Venue: Poznan, Poland. Term of a session: 2011-01-11 to 2011-01-14 Organizer: Poznan International Fair Ltd. Subject: Construction
BAU 2011
Venue: New Munich, Germany. Term of a session: 2011-01-17 to 2011-01-22 Organizer: Messe Munchen GmbH Subject: Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials
India Stonemart 2011
Venue: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Term of a session: 2011-01-20 to 2011-01-23 Organizer: CENTRE FOR DEVELOPMENT OF STONES Subject: Stone industry
Venue: Las Vegas, United States. Term of a session: 2011-01-25 to 2011-01-27 Organizer: Marble Institute of America Subject: Stone industry
Venue: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Term of a session: 2011-01-25 to 2011-01-27 Organizer: Sands Expo & Convention Center Subject: Floor covering event
Venue: Valencia, Spain. Term of a session: 2011-02-08 to 2011-02-11 Organizer: Feria Valencia & Ufi Subject: Natural stone industry
Vitoria Stone Fair 2011
Venue: Espirito Santo, Brazil. Term of a session: 2011-02-15 to 2011-02-18 Organizer: Milanez & Milanez Subject: Marble and Granite Fair
MarminStone 2011
Venue: Thessaloniki, Greece. Term of a session: 2011-02-17 to 2011-02-20 Organizer: HELEXPO S.A Subject: Stone, machinery and equipment
Venue: Chennai, India. Term of a session: 2011-02-17 to 2011-02-20 Organizer: INDIAN MONUMENT MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION Subject: Stone monuments
techno+stone 2011
Venue: IEC, Kiev, Ukraine. Term of a session: 2011-02-23 to 2011-02-26 Organizer: ITE Group PLC Subject: Stone, machinery and services
AustralAsian Cleantech Forum
Venue: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Term of a session: 2011-02-28 to 2011-03-11 Organizer: Terrapinn Pte Limited Subject: Cleaning technology
Venue: Xiamen, China. Term of a session: 2011-03-06 to 2011-03-09 Organizer: China Chamber of Commerce of Metals Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters Subject: Stone industry
Coverings 2011
Venue: Chicago, IL, United States. Term of a session: 2011-03-14 to 2011-03-17 Organizer: National Trade Productions Subject: Ceramic tile and natural stone
The Natural StoneShow 2011
Venue: London, United Kingdom. Term of a session: 2011-03-15 to 2011-03-17 Organizer: QMJ Publishing Ltd. Subject: Natural stone
UzBuild 2011
Venue: Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Term of a session: 2011-03-15 to 2011-03-18 Organizer: ITE Group PLC Subject: Construction
Venue: Manila, Philippines. Term of a session: 2011-03-16 to 2011-03-20 Organizer: Worldbex Services International Subject: Buildings and constructions
Venue: Sao Paulo, Brazil. Term of a session: 2011-03-22 to 2011-03-25 Organizer: VNU Expositions Subject: ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION, KITCHEN, BATH
Venue: Izmir, Turkey. Term of a session: 2011-03-23 to 2011-03-26 Organizer: Izfas/Izmir Fair Services Culture & Art Affairs Trade Inc. Subject: Natural stone industry
Venue: De Liege, Belgium. Term of a session: 2011-03-31 to 2011-04-03 Organizer: Foire Internationale de Liege Subject: Natural stone industry
MosBuild 2011
Venue: Moscow, Russia. Term of a session: 2011-04-05 to 2011-04-08 Organizer: ITE Group PLC Subject: Buildings, interiors
Venue: Kielce, Poland. Term of a session: 2011-04-15 to 2011-04-17 Organizer: Targi Kielce Subject: Stone, stone machinery
Venue: Beijing, China. Term of a session: 2011-04-20 to 2011-04-23 Organizer: CCPIT Building Materials Subject: Stone and stone processing machinery
Stone+tec 2011
Venue: Nuremberg, Germany. Term of a session: 2011-06-22 to 2011-06-25 Organizer: NurnbergMesse GmbH Subject: Natural stones and stone machinery
Baltic Build 2011
Venue: St. Petersburg, Russia. Term of a session: 2011-09-12 to 2011-09-14 Organizer: PRIMEXPO Ltd. Subject: Buildings and construction
Venue: Verona, Italy. Term of a session: 2011-09-21 to 2011-09-24 Organizer: Veronafiere Subject: Stone industry, stone machinery
Building & Construction Indonesia 2011
Venue: Jakarta, Indonesia. Term of a session: 2011-09-21 to 2011-09-24 Organizer: Allworld Exhibitions Subject: Buildings, constructions and materials
Japan Home and Building Show 2011
Venue: Tokyo, Japan. Term of a session: 2011-09-28 to 2011-09-30 Organizer: Japan Management Association Subject: Buildings and construction materials
Saudi StoneTech
Venue: Riyadh, Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia Term of a session: 2011-10-10 to 2011-10-13 Organizer: Riyadh Exhibitions Co. Limited Subject: Natural stones such as marble, granite, stone derivatives, travertine and cutting and polishin industry
Glass & Stone
Venue: Poznan, Poland Term of a session: 2011-11-09 to 2011-11-12 Organizer: Poznan International Fair Limited Subject: Natural stones
Venue: Moscow, Russia Term of a session: 2011-11-10 to 2011-11-13 Organizer: MVK International Exhibition Company, JSC. Subject: Stone and ceramics industries
India International Adhesives and Sealants Expo, IIASE 2011
Venue: Pune, Maharashtra, India. Term of a session: Will be announced soon Organizer: IIASE 2011 Subject: Sealer and adhesives chemicals