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Ideal Sealer for Stone Floor and Surface: Ariston series

Natural stone such as granite and marble floors are extremely beautiful and durable and have become a popular surface material for newly designed and remodeled homes. To maintain its beauty, elegance and luster the stone surfaces require extra care and maintenance along with regular cleaning. Thus after making the stone floor and surfaces it is impregnated with a qualitative sealer like Ariston. It is generally used to protect the interior of natural stone from staining, weathering and prevent from water absorption. This also prevents fluids from penetrating to the micro-pore structure below the stone's surface, making the stone surface easy to clean. Water or fluid penetrating into the porous structure of the stone eventually leads to cracks, stains, deterioration, and weathering. To avoid this condition Ariston deeply penetrates into the stone material and form a water-proof layer, proving to be an excellent sealer for stones, tiles and concretes. Usually there are two types of chemicals, one is used for cleaning the stone surface from stains and rust and the other is used to prevent the surface from stains and rust. Ariston will be the latter type.

Features of sealer: Ariston

  • Provide weather-resistant and water proof coatings on stone floor and surfaces by penetrating deeply into the material forming an outstanding weather resistant and water proof layer.

  • Excellent oil-repellence prevents stains and soiling from gathering on the surface and one can easily maintain it daily by simply washing off with water.

  • Prevents cracking by lowering the water absorption rate and prevents cracking from freezing.

  • This stone sealant prevent efflorescence of stones by forming a thick and water-proof layer that will keep the surface rust free and protect the material for quite a long time.

Prolong Effects of sealer

Ariston, this clear and transparent sealer is used to protect and prevent marble, granite, engineering stones like terrazzo, silestone, caesarstone, imitation stone, concrete, cement, and tile from stains and dirt.

To maintain the look and elegance of the new stone floor it is important to use the Ariston stone sealer and cleaner that will prevent dirt from accumulating on the stone surface.

Ariston is a long lasting sealer that protects the stone surface against stains and water absorption preventing surface from losing the shine and luster of the surface. The first step in stone floor and surface maintenance is the sealing of the stone and generally all stone surfaces must be sealed to maintain the beauty of stone surfaces.

This is ideally done by the Ariston stone sealer that effectively prolongs the life expectancy of the stone floor and surface.

Appearance Clear and transparent
Ingredient Special silicone
Applications Protection and Prevention of granite, marble, imitation stone, concrete, tile and cement from stains and dirt. Prevention of efflorescence, condensation and mildew of tile joint.
Usage Flammable
Storage conditions Use within one year from sealed off and store below 30 degrees
Standard usage 15 to 30 square meter per liter for granite and marble
6 to 10 square meter per liter for imitation stone and terrazzo
5 to 8 square meter per liter for semi-vitrified tile
6 to 10 square meter per liter for external wall tile including cement

Products lineup for stone sealer and stain, rust and oil remover

Case Type of stains Product recommended
Granite and marble stains penetrating from the surface to the inside Oil spots Oil stain remover: OLIVE
Water scale and rain marks Water scale rust remover: PICASSO
Rust Water scale rust remover: PICASSO
Granite and marble stains emerging from inside or the reverse Rust gathered on iron element of stone Water scale rust remover: PICASSO
Rust gathered on structural steel and metal fittings
Emerging from foundation stone
Smear emerging from buried hinges fixed to doors Oil stain remover: OLIVE
Efflorescence and water scale on granite, marble, travertine, terrazzo, concrete and other stones Efflorescence from concrete and joint mortar of tiles Water scale and efflorescence remover: EFFLON
Losing gloss Wear from traffic Color enhancer and sealer: GALILEO
Gloss deterioration from acid or any other reason Color enhancer and sealer: GALILEO
Protection from stains and dirt,
Sealer for stones
rust, dirt, oil, water scale, efflorescence Granite and marble sealer: ARISTON
Stone sealer: CRESTON
Protection for building stones Protect from stains by forming hard transparent coating Color enhancer and sealer: GALILEO
Floor of bathroom soiled by urine tar, smear, stains, bathroom floor Granite stain remover: ACRON AB
Floor coated by silicone or with silicone sag silicone sags, silicone Silicone remover: DA VINCI
Rust on marble, granite, tiles rust, sallowness, yellowing, dirt Marble rust stain remover: VECTOR