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Stone sealer Creston -Providing Protective Covering to Stone Surfaces

Everyone dreams to preserve the look and elegance of natural stone floor and surface to ensure the beauty and impact created by the natural stone. Catering to this requirement of people many companies have come out with specialized sealers and cleaning products like Creston that prevent damage to natural stone floor and surface and help them to restore after the harm and damage caused to the natural stone floor and surfaces. Creston is the latest revolution in the range of stone floor sealing and cleaner that has come out as huge improvements on existing items.

Creston stone floor cleaner and sealer ideally cuts through stubborn grease and dirt without causing any damage to the surface and therefore brings new life to the stone floor and surfaces. This stone floor sealer and cleaner is quite effective for cleaning and sealant purpose offering natural finish to natural stone like marble, limestone, limestone etc. Creston can also be applied to vitrified tile and granite.

Creston Feature

Prevent dirt

The dirty stone surface once coated with Creston deeply penetrates into the surface and best work to effectively reinforce the surface to prevent dirt.

Prevents Stains and Soiling

Creston is the excellent oil repellent that prevents stains and soiling from accumulating on the stone floor and surfaces. This also eases the daily maintenance of the surface that requires only washing off with simple water.

Prevent Water absorption and Cracking

The use of Creston lowers the absorption rate and prevents cracking due to freezing.

Prevent stones efflorescence

Creston increases the weather ability that prevent stone floor from deteriorating, and efflorescence.

Sealer effects

Creston, this clear and transparent stone sealer is formulated with special silicone and does not contain formaldehyde and prevent the stone surfaces from dirt and stains.

This cleaning and sealing product is also ideally used on the sandstones, limestone, Towada-stone, Ohya-stone, bricks, and concrete. This high performing multi-user sealer and coating remover utilizes blend of natural additives that provides effective results without the harsh side effects that are common with commercial stone cleaners and sealers.

Creston removes most acrylic, urethane, and synthetic stains as well as adhesives, paints etc. However, pre-test for performance should be performed prior using it on floor and stone surfaces.

Limestone sealing test: Preventing stains

Below picure is the comparison between with or without Creston. We have deliberately painted "Soy sauce", "Ammonia", "Alcohol", "Coffee" and "Oil" on the limestone and compared the effect of this stone sealer. After wiping off the 5 stains 72 hours later, Creston proved to be effective to preventing these kinds of stains.

Water absorption test for limestone

We have compared two specimen with or without Creston to investigate the effect of sealer. Using red ink, we immersed two samples. Untreated stones absorbed the red ink up to the surface within 5 hours, whereas stone treated by creston did not absorb red ink at all even after 1500 hours later. By using this sealer, we can prevent the absorption of water.

Efflorescence effect test for Limestone

We have tested the effect how Creston prevent the efflorescence effect. In order to confirm the prevention of efflorescence, two specimens left immersed in a liquid of 5 percent of sodium sulphate indicated as figure 3. This sealer can prevent this efflorescence as well.

Appearance Clear and transparent
Ingredient Special silicone. Creston DOES NOT use raw materials containing formaldehyde
Applications Protect and Prevent stains and dirt for the following materials; Limestones, Sandstones, Towada-stone, Ohya-stone, Terracotta tile, Unglazed tile, Bricks, Concrete and other stones.
Usage Flammable
Available amount 4 liters or 16 liters can
Storage conditions Use within one year from sealed off and store below 30 degrees
Coverage 5 to 15 square meters per liter

Products lineup for stone sealer and stain, rust and oil remover

Case Type of stains Product recommended
Granite and marble stains penetrating from the surface to the inside Oil spots Oil stain remover: OLIVE
Water scale and rain marks Water scale rust remover: PICASSO
Rust Water scale rust remover: PICASSO
Granite and marble stains emerging from inside or the reverse Rust gathered on iron element of stone Water scale rust remover: PICASSO
Rust gathered on structural steel and metal fittings
Emerging from foundation stone
Smear emerging from buried hinges fixed to doors Oil stain remover: OLIVE
Efflorescence and water scale on granite, marble, travertine, terrazzo, concrete and other stones Efflorescence from concrete and joint mortar of tiles Water scale and efflorescence remover: EFFLON
Losing gloss Wear from traffic Color enhancer and sealer: GALILEO
Gloss deterioration from acid or any other reason Color enhancer and sealer: GALILEO
Protection from stains and dirt,
Sealer for stones
rust, dirt, oil, water scale, efflorescence Granite and marble sealer: ARISTON
Stone sealer: CRESTON
Protection for building stones Protect from stains by forming hard transparent coating Color enhancer and sealer: GALILEO
Floor of bathroom soiled by urine tar, smear, stains, bathroom floor Granite stain remover: ACRON AB
Floor coated by silicone or with silicone sag silicone sags, silicone Silicone remover: DA VINCI
Rust on marble, granite, tiles rust, sallowness, yellowing, dirt Marble rust stain remover: VECTOR