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Remover for effective marble cleaning and granite cleaning

Ideal marble cleaner & granite cleaner

Marble is certainly a very beautiful object popular for flooring. This alkaline based stone is made up of calcite and calcium carbonate. It contains stain absorbent called swirls. Being a very beautiful stone, it's also very prone to the scratches done by frequent footfalls. Cleaning marble floors is a very tedious task need to be done more cautiously. Numerous techniques are available that are frequently used for the marble cleaning process. Before cleaning the marble with a cleaning solution, get the best area to achieve major benefits.

Get the stone cleaner advantage!

This very revolutionary marble stain and rust remover also offers very effective protection against stains, dirt. It's wrapped on the marble without affecting the natural color or look of stone or tiles. Certainly, this liquid is very easy to apply and does not yellow after the application. It offers marbles a weather resistant yet shiny finish.

This very effective and popular marble cleaning product is best for polished, unpolished and tumbled marble. It may also be used for granite, travertine and ceramic tiles as well. This specialized cleaning products is designed to be safe & effective for use on polished marble and also on all other natural stones, tile & masonry surfaces. Being the most effective marble cleaning product, vector is best for brightening & renewing purposes as stone cleaner. When it comes to clean ceramic or porcelain tile dirt, grease & mineral deposits, Vector is primarily very effective. After new marble tile installation, vector helps a lot in retaining the finish.

Vector the stone cleaner: Granite and Marble cleaning specialist

While you are choosing the right product for the right stone, vector is the finest product you can count on. Vector is formulated for routine cleaning of the marble floors. Vector precisely cleans and shines the surface to explore the natural beauty and shine of polished marble, ceramic, and porcelain tile surfaces as well.

This magical product safely removes mold and yeast stains and odors from any of stony surfaces including marbles. This non-allergenic, environmentally safe and fabric friendly liquid is popular for offering delicate finishes to natural stone or tile. Its foaming action is enough capable remove tough stains from the stones.

Stone cleaner for removing stains

Vector doesn't have bleach or other harsh chemicals and best to use on all polished, unpolished and tumbled marble surfaces including sink. The product is becoming more and more popular in the arena of marble, granite and stone care. Its gentle pH-neutral formula conserves the style of natural stone floors without leaving the deposit here and there. Vector is a very popular and effective remedy that helps to clean marble surface and discover the natural beauty and shine of polished marble in the home and everywhere. The product is a better dust resistant than other products available in market.

Rust removal for tile and marble

Rust removal scene of tile and marble. The color of rust will turn into purple.

Marble stain removal example

Removing stains on marble stone.

Appearance Clear and transparent
Applications Removal of rust and sallowness from marble, granite, limestones and etc.
Available amount 4 liters or 18 liters can
Storage conditions Use within one year from sealed off and store below 30 degrees
Coverage 10 to 12 square meters per liter

Products lineup for stone sealer and stain, rust and oil remover

Case Type of stains Product recommended
Granite and marble stains penetrating from the surface to the inside Oil spots Oil stain remover: OLIVE
Water scale and rain marks Water scale rust remover: PICASSO
Rust Water scale rust remover: PICASSO
Granite and marble stains emerging from inside or the reverse Rust gathered on iron element of stone Water scale rust remover: PICASSO
Rust gathered on structural steel and metal fittings
Emerging from foundation stone
Smear emerging from buried hinges fixed to doors Oil stain remover: OLIVE
Efflorescence and water scale on granite, marble, travertine, terrazzo, concrete and other stones Efflorescence from concrete and joint mortar of tiles Water scale and efflorescence remover: EFFLON
Losing gloss Wear from traffic Color enhancer and sealer: GALILEO
Gloss deterioration from acid or any other reason Color enhancer and sealer: GALILEO
Protection from stains and dirt,
Sealer for stones
rust, dirt, oil, water scale, efflorescence Granite and marble sealer: ARISTON
Stone sealer: CRESTON
Protection for building stones Protect from stains by forming hard transparent coating Color enhancer and sealer: GALILEO
Floor of bathroom soiled by urine tar, smear, stains, bathroom floor Granite stain remover: ACRON AB
Floor coated by silicone or with silicone sag silicone sags, silicone Silicone remover: DA VINCI
Rust on marble, granite, tiles rust, sallowness, yellowing, dirt Marble rust stain remover: VECTOR