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Stone cleaner to keep free of water scale, stains and rust to exterior stones

Looking for an easy to way to get rid of those dirty, stubborn and touch water stains on your stylish tiles, ceramics and granite? You have just found the very convenient way to do the same. Picasso, an amazingly effective stone cleaning product is known to reduce your cleaning process time by a broad margin. Not only this, it also assures proper marble cleaning and granite cleaning to the extent that appears as good as new. Since specifically meant for porous materials, the product in addition to providing stone cleaning services, also serves the purpose of stone sealing.

How to use this stain remover

Make sure that you adjust concentration according to the dirt. Adequately, the ratio between the liquid concentrate and water should remain 1 is to 5. After applying this paste, leave the surface as it is for about 5 minutes and then wash it out with brush. Use of soft nylon-scrub brush is highly recommended. It's even better to use with high-pressure cleaning machine. In case of tile and rough polished stone and non-polished stone, use polisher with nylon abrasive. Vacuum the water and wash them out properly to ensure that the chemical is not present on the stone anymore.

This product has gained its matchless effectiveness with its constituents of acid base materials, has powerful effect on removing water scale and rust. But on the other hand, this product is not suitable for polished stone surface because it may etch the surface by its acid. Please do not apply this stain remover to polished granite or marble surface.

Water scale and dirt removal for exterior wall

Removal of water scale and dirt on external brick wall.

Rust removal on external wall

Cleaning and removal of water scale and rust on tile wall (exterior wall)

Rust and water scale removal

Removal of water scale and rust from hot spring on white granite.

Stone stain remover, Picasso: A wonderful way to keep clean

This stone cleaner in every sense gives you the most ideal way to maintain cleanliness around. It is an amazing stone cleaning product that, if used properly, can reduce your cleaning time by 30 percent. Be it that atrociously ugly tough toilet stain or a regular railing rust, everything can be dealt effortlessly with this product. Therefore, bring this highly effective stone cleaning product today, for those dirty rust, lime and scum on exterior. Also, if you have not been regular with your cleaning process for a long time, this stone cleaner can be your friend at work.

A few important points when applying this stain remover

While using Picasso for removing those hideous, stubborn stains, you have to keep a few important things in mind.

  • Ensure not to leave detergent liquid for lengthy durations.
  • Being an ACID agent, this stain remover needs to be neutralized with alkaris, as per the necessity.
  • For highly stubborn dirt, repeat the process of cleaning for a few times.
  • This stone stain remover is not meant for cleaning polished marble and granite. Its use on such products may cause loss of the gloss.
  • It should only be missed with water.
  • Make sure to wear gloves and mask while applying this stain remover at the ventilated area.
Appearance Clear and transparent
Ingredient Acid base ingredient
Applications 1. Removal of rust, scale, stain etc which penetrate from surface.

2. Removal of rust which emerge from iron, inner iron, clamp.
Available amount 4 liters or 18 liters can
Storage conditions Use within one year from sealed off and store below 30 degrees
Coverage 15 square meters per liter
Applicable materials Exterior wall such as tile and ceramics that does not absorb moisture.
Inappropriate for Final-polished natural stones, metals and glass

Products lineup for stone sealer and stain, rust and oil remover

Case Type of stains Product recommended
Granite and marble stains penetrating from the surface to the inside Oil spots Oil stain remover: OLIVE
Water scale and rain marks Water scale rust remover: PICASSO
Rust Water scale rust remover: PICASSO
Granite and marble stains emerging from inside or the reverse Rust gathered on iron element of stone Water scale rust remover: PICASSO
Rust gathered on structural steel and metal fittings
Emerging from foundation stone
Smear emerging from buried hinges fixed to doors Oil stain remover: OLIVE
Efflorescence and water scale on granite, marble, travertine, terrazzo, concrete and other stones Efflorescence from concrete and joint mortar of tiles Water scale and efflorescence remover: EFFLON
Losing gloss Wear from traffic Color enhancer and sealer: GALILEO
Gloss deterioration from acid or any other reason Color enhancer and sealer: GALILEO
Protection from stains and dirt,
Sealer for stones
rust, dirt, oil, water scale, efflorescence Granite and marble sealer: ARISTON
Stone sealer: CRESTON
Protection for building stones Protect from stains by forming hard transparent coating Color enhancer and sealer: GALILEO
Floor of bathroom soiled by urine tar, smear, stains, bathroom floor Granite stain remover: ACRON AB
Floor coated by silicone or with silicone sag silicone sags, silicone Silicone remover: DA VINCI
Rust on marble, granite, tiles rust, sallowness, yellowing, dirt Marble rust stain remover: VECTOR