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Effective in removing silicone and automobile oil

Stone floor and surfaces are the most preferred choice of the people due to its extra-ordinary beauty, smoothness, and luster. People today are comprehensively using stone for the floor and other surface to offer a distinctive look to the house. Having a beautiful house is everyone dreams but maintaining the beauty and elegance of the house is very difficult and painstaking. The toughest part of the house to clean and maintain is the floor surface as this area is more vulnerable to dirt, scratches, water and other harmful particles that can cause damage to the surface. Thus it becomes important to clean the surface thoroughly with high quality floor cleaner that will gently remove the dirt and dust along with other particles from the surface making it smooth, shiny and safe. Among unwanterd stains and damage, silicone is said to be quite difficult one to remove. This detergent is developed for removing tough stains like car oil and silicone spilled over the floor.

Specialist of silicone remover

The biggest challenge faced by the people today is to find a product that can effectively meet all their floor cleaning requirements making the surface clean, shiny and hygienic. The market is flooded with stone floor cleaning products but the product that have made a lasting impression on the worldwide customers is Da Vinci cleaner that has been termed as specialist in removing silicone sags, automobile oil on stone surfaces without damaging the surface. This cleaner is found effective on every type of stone surface and it should not be applied only on marble as it can reduce the gloss of the marble.

Silicone removal example

Removing silicone on granite floor.

Features of silicone remover: Da Vinci

This clear and transparent liquid effectively removes oil spots on stone and concrete and also on FRP, stone, metals, and aluminum panel as well. Ideally used on granite, terrazzo, sandstone, travertine, tiles, porcelain and grout natural stones. Some of the main features of Da Vinci are as follows:

  • Alkaline formulated - Da Vinci is an alkaline formulated silicone coating remover liquid.
  • Effective silicone remover - Da Vinci effectively remove silicone coatings from stones, tiles, concrete and etc. due to its chemical reaction.

Application Process

  • First one need to put a coat of Da Vinci liquid concentrated onto oil dirt or silicone sags affected area.
  • The Da Vinci coated area should be covered with sheet for 1 to 3 hours to remove the silicone sags.
  • After the removal of silicone the area should be washed with plenty of water and the surface should be brushed.
  • After oil and silicone removal the area should be applied with sealant like Ariston for granite surface and Creston for marble, and limestone surface in order to keep the surface clean and beautiful.
Appearance Clear and transparent
Applications Removal silicone sags and silicone coatings from the following materials: natural stones such as granite, terrazzo, ceramic tiles, concrete.
Available amount 4 liters or 18 liters can
Storage conditions Use within one year from sealed off and store below 30 degrees
Coverage 3 to 8 square meters per liter

Products lineup for stone sealer and stain, rust and oil remover

Case Type of stains Product recommended
Granite and marble stains penetrating from the surface to the inside Oil spots Oil stain remover: OLIVE
Water scale and rain marks Water scale rust remover: PICASSO
Rust Water scale rust remover: PICASSO
Granite and marble stains emerging from inside or the reverse Rust gathered on iron element of stone Water scale rust remover: PICASSO
Rust gathered on structural steel and metal fittings
Emerging from foundation stone
Smear emerging from buried hinges fixed to doors Oil stain remover: OLIVE
Efflorescence and water scale on granite, marble, travertine, terrazzo, concrete and other stones Efflorescence from concrete and joint mortar of tiles Water scale and efflorescence remover: EFFLON
Losing gloss Wear from traffic Color enhancer and sealer: GALILEO
Gloss deterioration from acid or any other reason Color enhancer and sealer: GALILEO
Protection from stains and dirt,
Sealer for stones
rust, dirt, oil, water scale, efflorescence Granite and marble sealer: ARISTON
Stone sealer: CRESTON
Protection for building stones Protect from stains by forming hard transparent coating Color enhancer and sealer: GALILEO
Floor of bathroom soiled by urine tar, smear, stains, bathroom floor Granite stain remover: ACRON AB
Floor coated by silicone or with silicone sag silicone sags, silicone Silicone remover: DA VINCI
Rust on marble, granite, tiles rust, sallowness, yellowing, dirt Marble rust stain remover: VECTOR